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I’ve always described myself as an activist filmmaker. The desire to illuminate stories from the periphery, to create dialogue, challenge pieties, and disturb oppressive systems is why I became a filmmaker. Community projects, where diverse groups of people congregate, exchange ideas and transform one another, are also a form of art. Here are some recent projects I’ve been involved in.

A Preview of the Injured Body at the ARTs + Change Virtual Conference (Activate, Reimagine, Transform)

A 50-minute presentation (including film clips) that talks about racial microaggressions through the lens of my upcoming film, The Injured Body (slated to be released later this year). The presentation will be followed by a 10-minute exercise (sparked by a multimedia piece involving dance, music, film footage and text), and we will conclude with a 15-minute group discussion that parses the group’s responses.

A Preview of The Injured Body at the Medical Humanities Noon Conference

This presentation will approach the subject of racism in America by focusing on micro-aggressions. Activist filmmaker, Mara Ahmed, will talk about her new documentary, ‘The Injured Body’ which is inspired by Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen: An American Lyric.’ She will show clips from interviews with a diverse group of women of color who share their experiences and discuss the cumulative effect of slights, slips of the tongue, as well as intentional offensives.

Islamophobia is Racism

Presentation at First Unitarian Church of Rochester on ‘Islamophobia is Racism’ (part of the ‘Race, Racism and Relationship’ series at First Unitarian Church).

This Heirloom at the Rochester Biennial

In this series the artist Mara Ahmed has re-created her own history by using old, black and white photographs of her ancestors, juxtaposing them against South Asian architectural details, and subverting boundaries by placing them on the wrong side of the India-Pakistan border.

Countering White Supremacy: Connecting the Dots Between Anti-Semitism, Anti-Black Racism & Islamophobia

At a time when hate crimes against Black churches, synagogues and mosques are spiking, we need to connect the dots between anti-Black racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, understand white supremacy, and build collective resistance to it.

Microaggressions and the Beloved Community

Co-taught a workshop on ‘Race, Racism, and Relationships: Microaggressions and the Beloved Community’ at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Used Claudia Rankine’s work to frame the discussion.

#IStandWithIlhan Rally

We, the members of Rochester Jewish Voice for Peace as well as the broader Rochester community, stand by Ilhan Omar and her right to critique the influence that Zionism has on US politics. Join us as we rally outside congressman Joe Morelle’s office to demand an end to Islamaphobia, anti-blackness, and malicious mis-appropriation of anti-semitism.