Contending Modernities | The Injured Body: Palestine, Mizrahi Jews, and the Imperial Politics of Color

We have been working on this piece off and on since the beginning of 2023. So proud of this conversation with Dr Shirly Bahar about performativity, solidarity across activist spaces, the relationship between trauma and language, and the importance of reconceptualizing feelings of powerlessness as public and political so as to pursue change. Thank you Shirly for your brilliance and vision, thank you Santiago Slabodsky for bringing our work together at Hofstra University and activating this piece, thank you Josh Lupo and Atalia Omer at Contending Modernities, University of Notre Dame, for your editorial support and for publishing our work. To radical politics and solidarity ♥

[Still from Jenin, Jenin by Mohammed Bakri, 2002]

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