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I’ve always described myself as an activist filmmaker. The desire to illuminate stories from the periphery, to create dialogue, challenge pieties, and disturb oppressive systems is why I became a filmmaker. Community projects, where diverse groups of people congregate, exchange ideas and transform one another, are also a form of art. So are collabs with other artists and activists. Recent projects I’ve been involved in.

Countering White Supremacy: Connecting the Dots Between Anti-Semitism, Anti-Black Racism & Islamophobia

At a time when hate crimes against Black churches, synagogues and mosques are spiking, we need to connect the dots between anti-Black racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, understand white supremacy, and build collective resistance to it.

Microaggressions and the Beloved Community

Co-taught a workshop on ‘Race, Racism, and Relationships: Microaggressions and the Beloved Community’ at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Used Claudia Rankine’s work to frame the discussion.

Isaac Julien’s Lessons of the Hour comes to Rochester

Two years ago, Amanda Chestnut, Rachel DeGuzman and I organized a celebration of Frederick Douglass’ 199th birthday at his gravesite in Mount Hope Cemetery. The following year, in 2018, the city of Rochester was energized to mark Douglass’s 200th birthday with multiple community events. Part of this process of excavation included a work of art by Isaac Julien, commissioned by the Memorial Art Gallery.

#IStandWithIlhan Rally

We, the members of Rochester Jewish Voice for Peace as well as the broader Rochester community, stand by Ilhan Omar and her right to critique the influence that Zionism has on US politics. Join us as we rally outside congressman Joe Morelle’s office to demand an end to Islamaphobia, anti-blackness, and malicious mis-appropriation of anti-semitism.

Kundiman at the Spirit Room: A Fall Reading

Kundiman is a national organization based in NYC, which was inspired by Cave Canem, and which supports and promotes the work of Asian American writers. Kundiman Northeast will hold its first western New York reading at the wonderful Spirit Room.

Anti-Muslim Racism & Collapsing of Muslim Identities: Long Table & Installation

This event at Gallery 74 is an artistic exploration of anti-Muslim racism, which is on the rise in the United States and beyond. It is an event of “At the Crossroads: Activating the Intersection of Art and Justice” presented by 21st Century Arts in collaboration with Mara Ahmed of Neelum Films.