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The idea for THE WARP & WEFT was born in September 2020. It’s a multilingual archive of stories that hopes to capture the zeitgeist of that year. Learn more about the vision for this project by visiting ABOUT > THE WARP & WEFT STORY. This is an organic, ongoing project, where responses to the archive can renew and expand it. Please have a listen.

Babou par Sabine Lebrun

J’ai plusieurs animaux ; des chiens, des chats… Mais Babou est un chien exceptionnel ! C’est un vieux chien et j’appréhende vraiment l’heure de son départ parce qu’elle a une empathie au-dessus de la normale, tant pour les chiens, les humains, mais aussi les animaux des autres espèces.

[Babou by Sabine Lebrun: I have several animals, dogs and cats, but Babou is an exceptional dog! She is an old dog and I truly dread the time of her departure, because she has incredible empathy for dogs, humans, and also members of other species.]

Connectedness by Mara Ahmed

Although I’ve always revolted against linearity, I think I began to engage seriously with the concept of time during the fall of 2019, when I introduced my students to Afrofuturisms.

Response to the Archive: Spark Feather by Sarah Sills

I was immediately drawn to Kalsoom Saleem’s story, “My Spark Bird,” and connected with the pleasure of spying the cardinal’s red against the white snow in the “deserted grey, white and black landscape” of winter. This brought to mind the many simple pleasures I’ve found during these dark times.

Rupture and Repair By Ian Layton

It is on those particularly still and heavy days that I sit and remember the birth of the universe. The memory contained in my every cell. My mind’s eye catches the moment when life burst forth and set us on this divine course.

ऐसे ही कुछ ख़याल – सुरभि दीवान

दो हज़ार बीस। ये साल ख़त्म होने को आया है लेकिन ऐसा लगता है जैसे इस साल कुछ हुआ ही नहीं। सच तो यह है कि जो इस साल हुआ है उसका असर बहुत सालों तक रहने वाला है। मुझे अभी भी यकीन नहीं होता कि कैसे मार्च के महीनों में पूरी दुनिया रुक गयी थी। पूरी दुनिया। एक साथ, रुक गई। हम सब अपने घरों में बंद हो गए।

[Just Some Thoughts by Surbhi Dewan: Two thousand and twenty. As the year comes to an end, it feels like not much was accomplished. And yet, this year will stay with us for many years to come…]

زندگی کا مقصد – عائشہ جاوید

ھم سب  اج کل ا يک عجیب دور سے گزر سے رھۓ  ھيں ۔ہز اروں لا کھوں ا نسان ایک  و با کی با عث اس د نیا سے رخصت ھو چکے ھیں ، ان لوگوں کی زندگی بھی اتنی ہی قیمتی تھی جتنی کہ ميری اور آپ کی

[The Purpose of Life by Ayesha Javed: We are living in strange times. Hundreds of thousands of people have left this world on account of the pandemic. Their lives were just as valuable as yours or mine…]