A Preview of The Injured Body at the Medical Humanities Noon Conference

A Preview of “The Injured Body: A Film about Racism in America” was presented at the Medical Humanities Noon Conference, at the University of Rochester

This presentation will approach the subject of racism in America by focusing on micro-aggressions. Activist filmmaker, Mara Ahmed, will talk about her new documentary, ‘The Injured Body’ which is inspired by Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen: An American Lyric.’ She will show clips from interviews with a diverse group of women of color who share their experiences and discuss the cumulative effect of slights, slips of the tongue, as well as intentional offensives. The film tries to address this question from Rankine’s book:

You are not sick, you are injured—
you ache for the rest of life.
How to care for the injured body,
the kind of body that can’t hold
the content it is living?
And where is the safest place when that place
must be someplace other than in the body?

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