Response to the Archive: Root To Leaf by Missy Pfohl Smith

Root To Leaf

Created, Performed and Filmed by Missy Pfohl Smith
Edited by Missy Pfohl Smith
Responding to ‘Connectedness’ by Mara Ahmed
Instagram: @missypfohlsmith / @biodance1

Listening to the reflections from The Warp & Weft has been rich and relatable. Stories of people’s shifts to a more introspective, slower and more connected existence, but also surrounded by grief, fear, racial unrest and confusion. Listening to Mara Ahmed’s moving “Connectedness” piece sparked something inside of me. The connection of earth and body, of time and space, of human to human, and in the midst of extreme unrest in Palestine and Israel this week, as well as the repeated destruction along the path that I hope will lead to better understanding of one another across races, genders, religions and cultures, has brought about this response. Root to Leaf is as a contemplative, non-linear offering of peace to earth and persons.

[Rochester, New York]

Headshot by ZJFrazee Photography
All audio, video, text and images are under copyright © Neelum Films LLC

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  1. Pat LaPoint

    You are one amazing woman – so blessed to have you touch my life.

    Note: all you need at the end is a “Jack in the Pulpit” I still have ‘Jack’ that Barb carved in wood if you ever need it for staging.

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  3. Randy James

    I could watch those expressive fingers & feet forever. The world is a better place with you in it Missy Pfohl Smith. Much gratitude & love ❤

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