Response to the Archive: Spark Feather by Sarah Sills

Sarah Sills
Spark Feather (pen and ink, watercolor, Photoshop collage)
Responding to Kalsoom Saleem’s Spark Bird
Instagram: @sarah_sills

I was immediately drawn to Kalsoom Saleem’s story, “My Spark Bird,” and connected with the pleasure of spying the cardinal’s red against the white snow in the “deserted grey, white and black landscape” of winter. This brought to mind the many simple pleasures I’ve found during these dark times:

stolid trees, quiet lakes, distant mountains
the intricacies of a feather
simmering mushroom barley soup
my parrot’s kooky laugh
a beauty heart radish
cherishing my beloveds

How I will welcome the day when we can all fling our arms wide open and embrace each other again.

[Brooklyn, New York]

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Comments (7)

  1. Valerie Striar

    This is so beautiful and captures your h-art lovely bird woman! I love your mixed media with whimsy and self!!!!! And will be hugging you soon! ??

  2. Lorraine

    Oh my!! Love this so much, all of it, the mix of real and fantastical, the story it tells, how it made me smile at first and at every sight. What a unique and beautiful contribution to this wonderful exhibition ❤️