#IStandWithIlhan Rally

We, the members of Rochester Jewish Voice for Peace as well as the broader Rochester community, stand by Ilhan Omar and her right to critique the influence that Zionism has on US politics. Join us as we rally outside congressman Joe Morelle’s office to demand an end to Islamaphobia, anti-blackness, and malicious mis-appropriation of anti-semitism.

As Jews, we condemn the misguided claims of anti-Semitism against Rep. Ilhan Omar and stand together with her. Legitimate criticism of U.S. foreign policy by a member of Congress in not anti-Semitism. Real anti-Semitism is bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers, real anti-Semitism is the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue, real anti-Semitism is rooted in white supremacy, the kind espoused by Rep.Steve King, who has never faced such vehement attacks from his colleagues as did Omar.

The unprecedented condemnation of Omar in Congress and in the media does absolutely nothing to actually keep Jewish people safe by challenging white supremacy that is at the root of anti-Semitic rhetoric and activity. Moreover, it is beyond hypocritical that Congressmembers choose to condemn Omar’s non-existent anti-Semitism, while staying silent on the actual harassment and death threats that Rep. Omar has been receiving non-stop as a Black Muslim woman, the first to serve in Congress in a hijab.

Let’s stand with Ilhan Omar and focus on the real threat: growing white supremacist danger to the safety of Jewish people, Muslim people, Black people, people of color, and immigrants.

Photograph by Annette Dragon Copyright © Annette Dragon

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