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The Injured Body: Palestine, Mizrahi Jews, and the Imperial Politics of Color

Join us for a conversation between Shirly Bahar and Mara Ahmed about their recent scholarly and creative work related to oppression and the body. Bahar’s recent book, “Documentary Cinema in Israel-Palestine: Performance, the Body, the Home,” and Ahmed’s upcoming film, “The Injured Body,” both explore how colonialism, marginalization, and daily mental and emotional stresses from racism and othering impact the body.

The Way Forward by Teresa Schreiber Werth

I have been officiating at funerals for more than 30 years. One might say I felt “called” to the work, not necessarily in a spiritual sense, but I have the right skill sets. Most of the funerals I have celebrated, have been for people who have lived long and full lives. They fall into the “circle of life” category, in which death is seen as a part of life.

ترک ناگهانی کابل – مرضیه رضایی

بعد از ۵۵ روز اقامت در کمپ، نام من و خواهرم نیز در لیست افرادی بود که به یکی از ایالت‌ها برای ادامه زندگی منتقل شویم. ما بعد از سه روز به شهر روچستر ایالات نیویورک رفتیم

[Leaving Kabul by Marzia Rezaee: After 55 days in the camp, Sohaila and I got on the list of people to be moved to a permanent residence. Three days later, we were sent to Rochester, New York. About a hundred people were evacuated from the camp in New Mexico that day…]

Reasons For Being Alive by Afsoon

Sometime over the past two years, something changed in me. As if I woke up and became someone else. A long period of being alone in my little studio folded me slowly, just like I fold and mould my clay. I started imagining life among my art pieces – I became my own subject.

Dasht-e-Tanhai – A Desert Soundscape

A poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translated from the Urdu and read by Mara Ahmed, with sound design by Darien Lamen: Dasht-e-Tanhai (The Desert of Loneliness) or Yaad (Memory) has always moved me, its words and metaphors like pearls strung together with elegant ease. It embodies Faiz’s style of writing: filled with glorious ideas of beauty and social justice but always fluid, unencumbered, songful.

Conversation with writer Uzma Aslam Khan at McNally Jackson Seaport in NYC

Honored to engage in conversation with the brilliant Uzma Aslam Khan about her new book, The Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali, on June 28th at McNally Jackson Seaport in NYC. Beautifully written and part of the important process of decolonizing history and literature, Uzma’s book brings to life revolutions that have been erased and forgotten, and exposes the mechanics of colonial oppression.

The Warp & Weft [Face to Face] at Rochester Contemporary Art Center

Released in collaboration with RoCo starting March 2021, The Warp & Weft is an online audio archive created and curated by interdisciplinary artist Mara Ahmed. It is a collection of stories from the first year of the pandemic that weaves together diverse voices, languages and geographies. Now a year later, with the coronavirus still with us and the world knit together as tightly as ever, we revisit the archive as a multimedia exhibition. Experience The Warp & Weft [Face to Face] at RoCo (April 1-May 7) and immerse yourself in a colorful tapestry of stories.

Lost or Found

The following is a portion of the correspondence between Mara Ahmed and Claudia Pretelin. Ahmed is an interdisciplinary artist and activist filmmaker based on Long Island, New York. Claudia is an art historian, independent researcher, and arts administrator based in Los Angeles, California. Their correspondence is a collage of text, images, and references both literary and cultural. It is intimate and global, straddling distances between Mexico, Pakistan, Belgium and the US.

Mon Plukami par Paul Couturiau

Le 1er février 2021, tu as tiré ta révérence. Seul, en compagnie de ton vieux chat, Indy. Pour moi, plus rien ne sera jamais comme avant. J’ai la sensation qu’on m’a amputé d’une part de moi. C’est douloureux. Nous deux, c’est une histoire qui remonte loin. 65 ans d’amitié.

[My More-Than-Friend by Paul Couturiau: On February 1st, 2021, you bowed out. Alone, with your old cat, Indy. For me, nothing will ever be the same. It feels like a part of me has been amputated. It’s painful. The two of us, it’s a story that goes back a long time. 65 years of friendship.]